With consideration of the current set of circumstances regarding the Covid-19 virus, we at Matrix Entertainment continue to place our number one priority on the health, safety, and well being for everyone involved in our onsite touring program/event activities. This also includes our touring program managers, assistant managers, and crew.
It is with this in mind that as of today we have elected to suspend all of our current events, programs, and shows and have directed all of our tour managers throughout the country to return to our home base here in Michigan. Based on this decision, we want to share that we completely understand the seriousness and need for the actions that are currently taking place throughout the country and the effort required by all of the administrators involved to take proper action for the overall safety of the students, as well as all of the families within each of their schools and communities. Over the past several days, we have been actively working with all of you in an effort to suspend and reschedule your currently scheduled programming activities and we will continue to provide flexibility, patience, and assistance with all of you as we continue to provide our services during this ongoing process.

We are all hoping that by taking these actions we help enable this situation to be short term and will allow for all of your schools and college campuses to return back to normal daily operations, and we look forward to providing our services at your venue as this happens and your schedule allows.  We wish you all our best towards good health and safety for you and your family, Matrix Entertainment
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