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Matrix Entertainment is a full service agency providing high-tech, crowd gathering entertainment, attractions & educational events to elementary and high schools, colleges, universities, corporate events, conventions, businesses and military installations around the world. Attractions include safe driving awareness programs, full-motion virtual reality simulator, dome theater planetariums, live acts, interactive events, games shows and much more. | 888-655-7263

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Truly test your skills against your friends on any of the 15 different games from Parkour to Tai Chi. Each game having 3 difficulty levels, from easy to expert. The person with the skills and the score wins!!!!

The Interactive Virtual Gaming Wall works for everyone regardless of age, background or gender. There is a wide variety of games available, from relaxing yoga and body balance games to high-intensity running and dancing.


  • 15 games and several difficulty levels
  • Single and Multiplayer games
  • Fully automatic system
  • Can be used for conventional gaming (Playstation and Xbox)


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